Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Perfect Pink Peach!

Welcome to the world "Ivy Adele"  It's days like this you realise just how blessed you are.

This sweet little bundle arrived in the early hours of this morning and is just perfect in every way. Weighing a healthy 3.95kg and 51.5cm. She is a little sister to spunky Rafe and makes number four on the Nanny ladder....You have to love that!
Mum, Dad and Ivy all doing well! Thanks guy's for another beautiful Grandchild xxx

Short and sweet for now, l just wanted to share our special moment and now this Nanny needs a nap...:0)

"Thanks for stopping by & l hope your day is just as wonderful"


  1. Congratulations Nikki. How very special to have a new grandie. Lucky you! xox

  2. Oh, what fabulous news!! What a precious little girl - and LOVE her name! Congrats to you all. xx

  3. Lovely, lovely news, Nikki. What a little cutie pie. Congratulations and enjoy! Our #4 grandchild is due in about 6 weeks...yay! xx

  4. Aaaw, how very exciting! Grandchild number 4 and one that can wear pink! You'll have to update your profile now! Congratulations to all the family. So glad you shared your very special news.

  5. Nikki - Congrats! She looks adorable and I bet loves her Nanna's cuddles :)

  6. Congrats, Nanny Nikki! What a precious little bundle of joy!