Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gift Bag Punch Board!

I don't know about you, but I'm a little addicted to these fun "Punch Boards" and the new Gift Bag board is a little bit fun to play with..:0)
I started by making the standard sizes that the board suggests, but then l thought l'd have a go at making some more substantial sizes and here's what l came up with!

This black one uses 2 x A4 cardstock. I've included a simple how to below.
Assembled box size:W: 8-7/8" H: 7" D:2"

1. Line up the 8-1/4" side of the cardstock @ the start line, punch & score on sideline-horizontal line- V & center gusset lines.
2. Line up the sideline score mark and punch again.
3. Slide cardstock along so the right hand edge of your cardstock is flush with the right side of the punch board & "SCORE ONLY"@ the medium scoreline (do not punch).
4. Continue to score all the way along the "Horizontal" line.
5. Slide the medium scoreline all the way across to the start line & "PUNCH ONLY" (do not score).
6. Repeat all 5 steps on the second piece of cardstock.

You now have a back & front, you're ready to put it together & decorate!
 I used some "NEW" yummy's on my tags. The RMDH set called "Sprinkles of life" & the coordinating "Tree builder" punch and "Build a Birthday" set.

Don't forget to check back, as l will be sharing a second gift bag made with Mint Macaron..:0)

"Thanks for stopping by"
All supplies used are Stampin Up!


  1. Cool! Can't wait till my pre order arrives (yep a bit slow putting it in this year). Your gift bag is awesome. Thanks for the 'how to'. xox

  2. OMG this bag is sooooo cool!!! Love it :)