Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fringe Scissor Gift Topper!....

Hey there!....Just popped in to show you this fun gift topper l made with the "Fringe Scissors" from SU and some leftover Christmas tissue only took half a sheet and was really simple to construct!
There are heaps of tutorials on YouTube that show you how it's done, plus heaps of other ideas made with them.
The box is up cycled packaging that usually gets crushed and as l love recycling and it's a really good size, it was perfect for this large topper. I was given a big stack of them from a friend that rescued them from her workplace...lucky me! 

"I've had so many emails asking how l created the topper, so l have added a step by step pic tutorial below"

1. Using a half sheet of tissue paper, add tape along one long side.....

2. Fold tissue in half attaching it to taped edge......and add another strip of tape on top.

3. Fold into thirds lengthwise and attach.....

4. Fold bottom edge of the tissue to meet the top edge....effectively creating 3 double layers and add another tape strip directly on top of the other 2 will be at the bottom edge now. Do not remove tape cover.
 Now you should have 2 folds at the top and the 3 taped layers at the bottom...

5. Using the "Fringe Scissors" start cutting through all top folded layers, working from one end along, cutting down to the taped area, but not through it..:0)

6. Once you have completed the cutting, remove the tape cover and using a skewer or similar, start rolling, keeping the taped edge tight and as straight as possible.
7. Once the rolling is complete, gently remove the skewer and using a hot glue gun, attach it to a 1-3/4" punched circle, this will keep it together and add stability when attaching it to your gift.

Hopefully this all makes sense and you will be producing beautiful gift toppers in no time...:0)

"Thanks for stopping by"
All supplies used are Stampin Up unless noted!

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