Friday, June 24, 2011

A different type of craft..........

Ok, l am giggling to myself as l write this, as l have just jumped on to do a post about "Old School" handicrafts and checking my blog feeds l came across an almost identical post from my fellow Just add ink design team member "Patrice Easton" l don't know hardly anyone who crochets and thought that it was definitely a craft of the past, apparently not, as both my girls tell me it's the in thing again.........go figure!

As a child of about 9-10yrs (Oh so long ago) l was introduced to this exciting thing called crochet, by my primary school crossing lady "Mrs Rigby" and promptly hounded my mother for the appropriate tools, after many attempts and a lot of unpicking and so much patience from the teacher, l finally mastered IMO the art of colourful squares that held so much promise for a future in you do at that age...:0)
Anyway, thinking l was so much cleverer than the other girls on the "Crochet Team" as we called ourselves, as l had finished mine first, this is something closely resembling  my first completed article........My pride and joy!

Now l ask you, is that not the height of fashion and do you believe l actually made more than one and wore them...:0)
As both of my girls are decorating nurseries, l thought l would make them a cot blanket each to suit, the first one is for my beautiful little Brady, who is now nearly 4mths old, boy time moves these days...
And this next one is for my baby, who is expecting her first child (grandchild #3) in mid Oct, very excited!
This actually looks very blue in the pic, but is the most gorgeous soft duckegg/green tone in real life!
Well, that's all for this post, I'm at present working on a very colourful version for my first grandson Archer and may blog it when it's done...or not!
I hope you have enjoyed reminiscing along with me and maybe even relating...:0)

Thanks for stopping by....


  1. Lol Nikki. I too thought crochet was a dying art, but they tell me it's made a huge come back and is considered a little tad trendy these days. I find it more gratifying than knitting myself because it grows so much more quickly.

    Love your blankets and I'm sure your grandbabies will too. What a sweet gran you are! Will send you the scallop edge details of my baby blanket separately.

  2. Oh, these are gorgeous! (Even the super-fashionable '70s garment, LOL.) I can imagine you felt terribly clever, making your own crocheted clothes; you would have been at the height of fashion. Love the baby blankets; so special. Your girls, and their babies, will treasure them, I'm sure.

  3. Your blankets are just lovely, your girls will love wrapping up their babies in them. So special to have something made just for you (or your baby).

    I can't wait to see Archer's brighter version - I know that he'll just love snuggling up on the couch with it I'm sure. Nothing better than your own special blanket - especially when Nan made it for you.

  4. Oh my Nikki, what a glamourous garment, lol! Thanks for the blast from the past....

    The baby blankets are wonderful, what a beautiful gift for your grandbabies to use & treasure. :)

  5. I'm chuckling too, Nikki...I remember crocheting some very purple vests and ponchos in the seventies! I also made a blanket when I was expecting my first baby in 1977 [] but decided to knit blankets rather than crochet them for my 2 granddaughters.
    So excited for you expecting another grandchild...isn't it just the best?! The blankets are beautiful...such a precious keepsake when they are made with love.