Monday, April 11, 2011

A rose is a Rose...

At present l am in Cambodia, it is truly a beautiful place, unfortunately l am not so! it is and l have frizz that would put the Jackson five to shame and  a severe case of THANKLES,

Anyway before l left for hols l took some photo's of some of the cards l hadn't yet shared with you.
My baby girl was married last year in Bali and had a vintage kitchen tea, with all the trimmings, cupcakes, teapots, frilly aprons etc and this was her invite, let me tell you cutting out 35+ little deers was no picnic, but it was a great day, but unfortunatly l forgot to load a pic for you, it was all so vintage cute.

The next photos are of a project l made during Un-Convention on Stampin connection last year, now if memory serves me, l think it was a project set by Christine Healey, not 100% though.
This was such a fun project, l used one of  my fav DSP and stamp sets, that l am now hoarding for a rainy day! I love the notelets and it makes a lovely gift, it will easily hold 4 cards and envelopes.

Anyway, l just thought it was something to post while l was away and l'm off to do a "COOKS in TUKTUKS" cooking class this morning.

Thanks for popping in, enjoy your your week.


  1. Glad to hear you arrived safely!

    The Kitchen Tea invites were so perfect for your daughter, and a very cute & pretty version of Christine's challenge project! Love it!

  2. Beautiful creations, as always, Nikki. I thought your trip was coming up soon, but not quite so soon! Catch up with you when you get back :)

  3. Both great creations Nikki. The rose stamp set gives a great vintage feel but I bet you were a little "over" Bambi by the time you got to the last invitation! Enjoy your holiday. :)