Monday, April 18, 2011

Brons Bags...

ok, so l mention in an earlier post that l had taken photos of a few things to share while on holidays...

These little cuties were inspired by Bronwyn Eastley, are they not just the cutest? you can view her lovely little 6x6 bags here addinktive designs, these are sure to become an addiction, l had intended only casing one! but just couldn't resist making more, as they are so easy!

Thanks for stopping by....Enjoy your week.


  1. These are so sweet. Love the colours of all 3 as well as the flower and edging on the back one. Too cute.

  2. Gorgeous. Have been wanting to make some if these too.
    Fi x

  3. Oh, very elegant! I made one (so CUTE), but it just cemented my claims that 3-D and I are not friends!! Yours, and Bron's, are absolutely beautiful!

  4. Incredibly cute - love your DSP & closure choices. :)